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Speculation and media beat ups - Thunder River Rapids incident


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Crash test dummies will be used to stage re-enactments of the incident on a Dreamworld ride that tragically took the lives of four people.

Story: https://yhoo.it/2egE81I

A truck transporting the test dummies reportedly arrived at the theme park on Monday, in a bid to determine what went wrong on the fatal ride on October 25.

Test dummies are commonly used in forensic investigations where issues such as height and weight are crucial to findings.

Report on 7 News at 6pm. 

#Dreamworld #7News



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34 minutes ago, Jamberoo Fan said:

Well I do doubt The Australian are actually that interested in theme park expansions.

What are you talking about? You pointed to that content as evidence that future expansions would be postponed. I saw nothing in that to suggest your conclusion?

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Agreed. I saw that article pop up in my news feed this morning and rolled my eyes. The media really are clutching at straws with the dirt dishing if they think her upbringing has anything to do with what happened at Dreamworld last week. 

On a side note whilst talking about the media, I was approached via my blog yesterday by the GCB. They wanted permission to utilise one of my photographs with credit for their latest article about the MW Coaster. 

After some thinking and advice from friends and my husband, ultimately decided against it, mainly out of disgust and protest for the way they and other similar media outlets have handled the Dreamworld incident. They can bite me ??

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11 minutes ago, iwerks said:

^I hope you told them that. ?  Perth Now also shared that article and got roasted by about 100 people in the comments section. It's good to see the public is sick of this media beat up.

Sure did ? #istandbydreamworld 

And yep, I've seen the same thing on a few others as well. Along with a couple of other very lengthy public anti-media rants... following my own recent one, of course ?

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48 minutes ago, MARK28 said:

I was disgusted when I saw that article headline about the CEO's lifestyle... what a massive bunch of opportunistic, predatory shit stirrers. Her wealth has nothing to do with the accident. It's seriously high-school rumour spreading behaviour.

I think its more the media feel like they have to find a story or make a story just to get views.

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Just found this on twitter, it was posted by  Lachlan Heywood (supposedly an editor for the Courier Mail). 

Posted it around 20 minutes ago. 

"A source close to the investigation has revealed the cause could be found to be a freak combination of human error, maintenance issues and mechanical malfunction."

Surely all three couldn't be possible after having another round of annual maintenance in September (I believe)? 


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I don't like hypothesising when we don't know the facts, but it isn't impossible to believe that the 3 elements coming together is what caused a usual run of the mill issue becoming tragic. 

We know the pump/s was having issues at some point earlier that day. Potentially the decision was made to keep the pump running at a reduced efficiency as this hasn't led to issues previously, or there was no foreseen negative outcome in doing so. 

A mechanical component then could have failed, i.e. a sensor that detects a boat in the first block area after the conveyor, causing the conveyer to continue to move when usually it would stop, and just happened to do so at the exact time a boat happened to be stuck. 

finally human error in an attendant not noticing that a boat happened to have become stuck/bottomed out and/or the non-stopping of the conveyor and hitting the e-spot prior to an impact occurring, potentially due to such an issue no arising previously. 

Again all that is entirely conjecture and just an example of how all 3, however unlikely in isolation, 'could' occur simultaneously in some 'perfect storm' scenario. And clarifying further, none of the examples I have given may be true and are not based on any fact or knowledge of the actual events 

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Having operated Snowy River Rampage at WS for several years and having been on TRR in August I have been reading with interest the media's 'spin' and members of the public's thoughts on what happened to cause this tragic incident.

My thoughts is that it was a combination of operator error (unfortunately) and ride system failure.  Firstly the ride operators should've been aware that the first raft had stopped where it was and that the lift was still moving and stopped the ride, there are at least two operators who should've picked up on this. Secondly is the system failure, at WS there were sensors at the top of the lift that stopped it if two boats were too close together. (it's a bit blurry but it's in the bottom right hand corner of the photos where the white electrical junction box is). It's a bit hard to see from the photos of TRR I have been able to find but I would presume that they would have the same or similar systems at Dreamworld which have failed and the lift has continued moving the raft.

Again this is my own opinion and I will be interested to see the outcome of the Police and Coronial investigations.


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Dreamworld founder John Longhurst is reported to have very distraught over the incident :( This article also gives a lot of insight to the history of the park. Worth a read. 

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