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Just discovered the performance platform at the front of Main Street in Movie World has been fenced off.

Might be nothing major but interesting still.

Also following the external refurbishment of the Warner Bros. Department Store, various other buildings along Main Street are getting facade refurbishments. No major changes that I've seen yet. Just refresh and maintenance.




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They quickly finished their works on the whole of the building, as a week ago the whole front was covered. Then I know at the end of the week it was just the right side, and now the left. Good to see though.

I imagine that area at the front of the street is just removing the stage as the Gatsby show is finished

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Not to mention machinery tearing it up. You would expect it to look like the other side with tables and chairs. Certainly solves the lack of shaded areas to eat lunch in. 

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1 hour ago, Reanimated35 said:

Please tell me this isn't going to be like king George square where they take away the last of the greenery and replace it with concrete. 

Nah, they will paint the concrete green instead of leaving it grey.

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Maybe it's just my reddit elitism, but why are we downvoting someone just because we don't agree with them? Save it for when people post incoherent garbage, not well spoken opinion.

I don't agree with getting rid of the refill station, but it's a good point that soft drink is actually pretty bad for your health, it's a valid concern. I'm not really in the know as I usually only buy soft drink at parks, but what alternatives do MW offer (besides water).

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