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The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

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I guess it would depend on where the construction works are. Clearly they're leaving the monorail to go through so I would think that only construction that is near the rail, or otherwise affects the construction envelope. @Naazon raises a good point that it'd be great for photos. Village have come out of the blocks running with announcements, artists impressions and scale models, so they're being very open about the construction - it might actually be pretty cool for them to operate the monorail wherever construction allows it, to give people a sneak peak...

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12 minutes ago, StingRay said:

Good to know park management was onsite today. Can't always let the work experience kid be in charge.

I did work experience with an inspector from a council building department. 

We went on several site inspections. He showed me a few basic techniques to some of the checks he usually does at sites.

Then at one site he just went to a nearby shop and told me "You can do this one!" and I did. 

When he got back he just said "So everything's good?" I said yes, and he signed off the inspection.

I guess he let the work experience kid be in charge for that one! I was basically checking the ground was level witha theodolite. Hope the building didn’t collapse!  😐

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