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Steel Taipan Construction - Dreamworld Mack launched roller coaster

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Occasionally I'll search through tender websites for theme park projects and yesterday's search at work had delivered some treasure. Here is what is worth noting: This is what the queu

And we have supports. 

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15 hours ago, Jdude95 said:

As per the original tender, the train line will be moved to accommodate the new coaster supports/construction. The problem is that the new line looks like it'll struggle to make it up the incline it's been put on. 

It’s as if John Longhurst had figured this out 40 years ago. 

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54 minutes ago, Jdude95 said:

Imagine if they had a train that was run on some sort of hot water vapour, which was much more powerful than say, a petrol powered lawn mower engine 

With their maintenance record, should they really be operating a pressure vessel full of water at around 180 degrees Celsius (150psi)? 

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8 hours ago, franky said:

What if they make the train run clockwise so it goes down the incline instead of up?

I have looked at this, but as the old adage goes, what goes up, must come down. The incline in the other direction would be from billabong, via tiger island, back to central station. As I undersand it, the grade is gentler than the new proposed route, but steeper than that of the Blue Lagoon loop.

I'm no train buff, so i'm not sure whether it would work or not. I'm really hoping that they have actually brought in some rail professionals to advise them on the re-routing, that they've done the math on the grades involved so that they can continue to run the train. It'd be a significant loss to the park's kinetic energy if they go to all this trouble and find the train can't make it up.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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From memory, and purely from memory, the gradient and curvature running in the opposite direction should be more gentle, than going the new route. Rocky Hollow is probably about the lowest point, with Main St being the highest.

Train's run solid axle's typically, so tight corners both ascending and descending aren't a good thing. One wheel needs to slip to negotiate the curve, reducing the tractive effort (grip/traction). Flipping the train around would be the easiest and cheapest solution. And with all the cranes on site, it would be simple enough to do during construction of the coaster.

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Dreamworld’s newest attraction will pack plenty of venom.

The Gold Coast theme park will today announce new details of the $32 million rollercoaster, including its name of Steel Taipan.

Reaching a top speed of 105km/h and a G-force of 3.8, with multiple inversions and even a spinning gondola at the rear of the train, the ride is being heralded as a world-leading thrill ride and stands as the biggest single investment in the theme park’s history.

German manufacturer MACK has commenced testing of the world’s first “spinning gondola”, which will be a key feature.

The project was delayed by the park’s lengthy shutdown during the coronavirus pandemic, but work is now back on track.

Earthworks have already commenced, with the entire project expected to take about 12 months – making the ride on track to open in time for the 2021 Christmas holidays.

The project will include over $15 million in contractor works while providing employment for over 200 people across the local economy.

Dreamworld chief strategy officer Paul Callander said there was an air of excitement around the new attraction.

“We look forward to our guests experiencing the world’s first spinning gondola and the southern hemisphere’s first reverse twisted half pipe,” he said.

“We believe these features will make Steel Taipan a truly unique coaster experience.

“We are incredibly excited to have commenced a project that will deliver not only a world-class experience for our guests, but also a welcome boost to jobs and the local economy.”


“Worlds first spinning gondola?”

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31 minutes ago, A.H said:

$32 million? I'm starting to think Mack is definitely Overpriced and DC Rivals was better value for money

Um yeah.......DC Rivals IS a Mack coaster ...........

In saying that, you have to look at where the $32 million is going to go. Yes its a lot of money to spend on one coaster but I am guessing that the theming and associated works is all included in this price. This is a coaster that definitely does NOT want to be a bare bone construction- if you look at the original Blue Fire mega coaster at Europa Park the theming on this coaster is world class. If we get half of this level of theming for Steel Taipan, then it WILL become the most heavily themed coaster in the country.


The corollary of this of course is that $30 million will ALSO buy you this:

1-Intamin Hot Racer

2-Gerstlauer Family Shuttle

3-L&T Mini Coaster

4-Samba Balloon

5-Zamperla Discovery Revolution.

6-Midi Ferris Wheel

7-Crazy Submarine

8-Bounce Around 

9-Jumpin Tower 16

The concept of value becomes a little subjective when you start this sort of comparison. Yeah sure 6 of these 9 rides are kiddie rides but lets not forget that included in this list are a Gerstlauer Family shuttle coaster, a Zamperla Discovery Revolution and of course the signature Intamin Hot Racer single rail dual launched coaster. 

Luna Park are getting all of these attractions for the same price as Dreamworld's one. Now its hardly apples for apples in terms of attractions but it is when you start looking at relative spend and you have to wonder what the reaction would have been if Dreamworld had announced they were adding the attraction list that LPS is adding for the same amount. Looking at it, it appears that LPS has  spent their $30 million well and got very good bang for their buck.

In saying that, I think that Steel Taipan will be a GREAT addition to Dreamworld and that it will be a great shot in the arm for them in leading the park back to positive public consciousness. It simply is the coaster they need at this very point in time.

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