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Sea World 2020 Maintenance

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Can't help but notice Storm's downtime has been taken off the maintenance page. Wonder if that's due to Sky Flyer closing, Jet Rescue's current closure maybe blowing right the hell out, Vortex running

Boots' Banana Boogie has returned Not much has changed on Jet Resue

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To be fair Irvine Ondrey Engineering has a post recently describing how they did almost a completely commissioning remotely for a recent project and only spent a day or so onsite as a result. 
So is possible. It’s really only verifying wiring and code anyway. 

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cost would be quite high to pay some engineers to sit in a room for 2 weeks plus pay the quarantine expenses to get a ride open in a park thats far from being busy, 

On a plus side tho there's been some site surveying happening on the slab for Leviathan so hopefully thats still moving forward, can't wait to see to timber go up.

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The thing is, that two week wait in quarantine isn't going away anytime soon.

The challenge at the moment is getting flights through from anyway to Australia (reports seem to be it is taking about a week from Europe). There is a cap of 4000 people per week to Australia, so only around 80 flights a week.

Airlines also are limited to 50 passengers per flight into Australia, so they are cancelling any tickets that aren't business class as they make the most money. The remaining space is taken up by freight which doesn't complain about the leg room in economy. 

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6 hours ago, Levithian said:

You cant fly to australia period unless you're a resident, citizen or immediate family member of a resident here. The borders are still closed. There are very few exemptions you can apply for, skilled workers aren't on the list. 

Well they are...

  • delivering services in sectors critical to Australia’s economic recovery (such as financial technology, large scale manufacturing, film and television production and emerging technology), where no Australian worker is available

They could probably try to argue a major theme park is critical to economic recovery given tourism benefits. Especially if film & TV production counts and they’ve managed to get overseas actors back in. 

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You may be very lucky under the grounds of no australian worker is available, but critical infrastructure is things like telco, medical, power etc and recovery industries are pretty much all your major exporters; mining, agriculture, manufacturing, etc. And even then they are denying a lot of people coming from countries of high risk like the US.

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Specialist manufacturing of emerging technology with no Australian worker available would definitely fall into the realm of commissioning a major ride. But it's still going to be hell expensive to get them here.

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1 hour ago, AlexB said:

Those footerings look pretty screwed - apart from the track issues, it seems like the foundations have some issues?

I think the vertical part has been removed to repair/inspect the track brace (the rust covered one) where it attaches to the track.

If you look at the other vertical parts, there are clamps on the track braces, but there are none at this location. The vertical part has just been tilted out of the way.

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2 hours ago, Slick said:

Why has Jet Rescue shit the bed?

It seems like they’ve been doing similar works that were done to Sea Viper (before it closed). Not suggesting JR will close, but they’re doing similar works. Every time I’ve gone since the park reopened, nothing has really changed and I haven’t seen anyone on site. Maybe they are waiting on new parts/track pieces 

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