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Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

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Sounds like a bit of a mystery... maybe a job for... 

The castle is undergoing a repaint. You can really see the difference in the last photo. And the rides information and safety board is gone too.

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1 minute ago, Brad2912 said:

Literally what you see in this picture costs more than the entirety of MW however... 

It's superb themeing, but the lack of it at the Gold Coast parks is one of the reasons it's so cheap to get in.

There has to be a balance, and I'm glad I can afford to go to several good parks whenever I want.

Good, not quite world class, but that's ok by me.

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1 hour ago, joz said:

Meanwhile at a theme park


Even Universal doesn’t try to hide the whole show building, it’s all about perspective. 


Perhaps they could continue the Stonework half-way up the soundstage, and incorporate the pillars that hold the posters as part of the castle, and paint the top half “sky blue”. 

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Be interesting to see if those trees block the view of the show building in a few years. In any case that's the side of the ride, not the front. The front of Scooby should at least be up to its own standard.


To be honest I don't hate it. Obviously it looked better with the tree but it's pretty 'meh' to me. Just the line about how it's the movies doesn't hold any water.

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The cloudy sky and the angle, exaggerate the blue wall, in my opinion. 

I don't think you can stand that far back square on to the entry, which narrows the field of view to the Castle section. 

Justice League looks to be similar on the left, with a tree in the way though. Superman has nothing, DC Rivals is pretty sparse. 

Ultimately once your close to the entrance, the last thing you are thinking about is that blue wall. 

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