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i was at movieworld today and although it was packed, i got quite a bit of riding done. I was there at opening and left at 2 and did the following:


2 x DC rivals

1 x Green Lantern

1 x batwing

1x superman

2 x Wild Wild West

1 x Doomsday Destroyer

1 x Scooby Doo (was told at one point the line was 2 hours long for scooby)

I also watched the Hollywood stunt driver show and had a look at  aquaman. 


I should point out that the reason i was able to do so much was for the most part the single rider queue. The DC rivals was showing a 45 Min wait at opening but i was on the second car of the day thanks to that

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36 minutes ago, red dragin said:

DC Rivals single rider seems to be really quiet early in the day. But it seems that once people have had a ride, the couples/groups with the "I'm never riding that again" guests split up and the single rider line grows. 

From my limited observations at least. 

Also from my experience the guests realise the single rider queue is much quicker and in turn head down there as a group or couple, amount of times I've seen people complain because they can't sit next to each other is uncountable. 

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It really depends, I often use single rider on DCR and it saves a ton of time. But with groups choosing to use it because they will get on faster it can be longer (depending on the ride op).

Just prior to christmas running two trains the general que was just at the bottom of the ramp, whilst single rider had 8 people, got on much faster using general.

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3 hours ago, westical said:

I must be the odd one out. Single rider hasn’t saved me much time on Rivals.

I’ve found it depends heavily on the ride op, some will try to always keep the single rider line moving, while others will try to fill seats using the main queue as much as possible (eg by merging two groups of three into a group of six instead of two groups of three + two single riders)

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To be fair all the parks are pretty quiet today as far as summer holidays go. MW carpark wasn't quite full despite a few cars on the grass and WnW carpark looked like a normal weekend in Feb. I'd think attendance to be up tomorrow and then drop off by the end of the week to a reasonable level. Also a photo at 5.45 is a bit unfair.


Having said that have heard numbers have been pretty weak at DW this last couple of weeks. There also hasn't been a really big day at any of the parks from what I've seen, which I think comes down to the timing of Christmas this year. Your traditional busiest day of the year is the first Wednesday after Boxing Day, but when Boxing Day is a Wednesday you don't get that massive 'look at how busy the parks are today! thing. DW had a couple of days pushing 9k last year, but I think they're a long way off that this year.

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Amusing when you see your own car in others random pictures, it mostly felt like families were there. Lines were shortish with mostly walk on lines, exceptions for that from what I saw were MD sidecars, ToT II and Big Red Car over half an hour queues during 12-3pm times. WWW was more busy but it was hot yesterday so to be expected, the lines for floats out front of rippers/huey never got past 20 mark thankfully as for other water rides not sure didn't get an opportunity. Only about 60-70% lounge chairs in the park had towels or some item on them. Annoyed with buzzsaw though, they have two signs out saying buzzsaw 'this way' yet I never saw it running, or a sign out front saying closed to stop you from walking down to it only to find the queue shut off with no one there.

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The thing is without context a lone photo doesn't really tell a story though. All the parks were comparatively quiet on New Years Day, and (like I said last night) they were busier again today. Again, DW's attendance is pretty soft this year, but I don't think a photo of a carpark when they're doing extended trade on a day when all the parks are quiet tells much of a story. I could go and take a photo of the carpark empty at 7 and you'd get roughly the same amount of useful info.

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