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1 hour ago, Flynn_Smith said:

Speaking of, the waterslides now have a name! An interesting one, for sure.. 


That is kind of dumb. Sounds like a name for a racing slid complex.

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30 minutes ago, themagician said:

The Bro may have a double meaning, but I’m pretty sure it’s Bro because it refers to the Blue Ringed Octopus 

Yeah that was my recollection as well. 


Fully 6 is a great name. Its a bit irreverent , cheeky fun and ties in with the Aussie vernacular.

Whats not to like????

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On 22/09/2019 at 8:47 PM, Flynn_Smith said:

Absolutely fantastic to see the waterpark in such good condition now. It looks great! I do believe WWW is superior to WnW now - the owners actually seem to care about it. 

Here's how the lineups compare now, they are pretty neck and neck these days




Body Slides

Whitewater Mountain

Fully 6



Green Room

Raft Slides

Black Hole

Temple of Huey

Thrill Slides




Giant Wave Pool

Cave of Waves

Lazy River

Calypso Beach




Little Rippers




Multi Person

Mammoth Falls




Triple Vortex


Super 8



Play Structure/ WnW Junior

Wiggle Bay / Pipeline Plunge



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5 hours ago, themagician said:

Once Fully 6 opens I think WWW will be the better choice and if they get a lazy river and one more tower with a thrill slide, they will become the superior water park. I’d say that WnW will get a new attraction/a before WWW make their next investment 

I reckon that Wet n' Wild will get a new slide somewhere in the next 2 years since Movie world and sea world  have gotten their pretty recent investments

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Anyone know what is happening with the log ride ? It says on the website that it's returning at the end of January but no work seems to have been done on it? Or is it to just get people to the water park to try out the new slides?

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I would say WWW next step is getting that lazy river to really round out the park. 
Whilst the two parks may be ‘neck and neck’ on paper overall WWW is smashing WnW in every way because it’s fresh where as WnW is sadly very tired. 

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