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Steel Taipan Construction - Dreamworld Mack launched roller coaster

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This morning I was invited out to Dreamworld to get a sneak peek of Steel Taipan and a walk through of the entire area. I’ll start out by saying, overall they’ve done a good job with the area. It’s ve

Occasionally I'll search through tender websites for theme park projects and yesterday's search at work had delivered some treasure. Here is what is worth noting: This is what the queu

And we have supports. 

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On 26/05/2021 at 2:24 PM, Brad2912 said:

Queue house construction is underway. 




Great pics! Isn't it standard practice that station/queue/theming commences after the track has been 100% assembled?

5 minutes ago, joz said:

How fast was the ride going?

Given M1 speed limit is 110, that's the fastest we'll ever see Steel Taipan get launched to. 😉

Also, agree with other comments. No need to jeopardise your own safety - forum reacts are just not worth it.

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4 hours ago, CR4ZE said:

Isn't it standard practice that station/queue/theming commences after the track has been 100% assembled?

As long as what needs to be worked on isn't in the way I don't see any reason why they would delay something like that when they don't have a real reason too. If it means the ride is opening sooner I am all for them working on two things at once.

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14 hours ago, CR4ZE said:

Great pics! Isn't it standard practice that station/queue/theming commences after the track has been 100% assembled?

As Pin said, as long as they're not in the way of construction and lifting, it's a non issue. I think though that this has been standard practice in Australia for a while. Overseas is a very different story, and it certainly gets it all together sooner.

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Look at Universals construction of the velocicoaster, considering it’s scale, theming, extensive queue, testing and stopping during COVID lockdown, they built that very quickly. 

For Steel Taipan, they need to install all the track through the station and within close proximity before building the station. It makes access for vehicles much easier and safer 

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On 29/05/2021 at 12:50 PM, themagician said:

Anyone know what this part is for?


Zoomed in, looks like maintenance track. There are hydraulic/pneumatic arms on the supports. Perhaps the white plastic blocks holds the car and the rails can swing away with the wheel assemblies?? Also the pointed ends on the rails would make it easier to slide wheel assemblies on as well. 

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16 minutes ago, joz said:

I assume with this ride there are no tracks in the maintenance bay, and that's the last bit of track to get the coaster back onto the track smoothly. Looks pretty neat

Most newer Mack coasters have the little wheels under the body that supports the train, that allows the bogies to be easily accessed as they are no longer on the track. Is that what your thinking is the case here? 

I think there is a photo of the system somewhere in the DC Rivals thread. 

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11 hours ago, Im Hungry said:

Halfway down Page 170 of the DC Rivals thread has mentions of this bizarre red jig. Still no clear answer for what it's purpose is - only thoughts and assumptions.

And inadvertently you've found the post I was talking about ☺ https://www.parkz.com.au/forums/topic/7745-dc-rivals-hypercoaster-construction-discussion/?do=findComment&comment=152437

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On 29/05/2021 at 12:50 PM, themagician said:

Here’s a look at what’s left in the car park

Do you think they’ll build a retaining wall along here for the train track? Because I’d imagine they would have removed it if they weren’t going to use it 958B3564-7724-4A2E-9D00-9203AC516218.thumb.jpeg.bbe371640b4ff1e2552bf43f1cb7d31a.jpeg


Remember, the train is being re-routed back to the station from Corroboree on the other side of Giant Drop. 


They'll sort the gradient out by linking back to the old track a lot closer to the station.

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