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DC Rivals HyperCoaster construction discussion

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So damn SHOOK.

Here's a couple i got this morning.

Some of the new track and other parts that has arrived The camelback The drop Other

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15 hours ago, themagician said:

Even when all the information has been released, the Gold Coast Bulletin still manage to find a way to stuff it up

I'm all for calling out the Bulletin for sloppy journalism, but labeling the track magenta is perfectly fine regardless of how the park chooses to describe it for marketing purposes.

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1 hour ago, Brad2912 said:

is there an unwritten rule that you can't soft open rides on a Monday??

In fairness in the past I'd been told a lot of the execs have the Monday off. Not sure how true that is or if it's still the case, but even so for something like this they might make an exception. 

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1 hour ago, Flynn_Smith said:

They wont open it on Monday. I'd say it will be Sunday.

Until we get word that the Joker head is up then the soft opening isn't happening. Which could be Monday. No ones knows. It is all dependant on weather conditions at the moment.

Green Lantern was closed this morning to install the head but since it was too windy they did opening checks and the ride was open by the time I left at midday.

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