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Disregarding any restrictions/money, what is one attraction you would love to see at an Australian theme park of your choice?

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Apologies if this has been a topic before, but thought It would be really interesting to talk about. Also keep in mind theming and naming too for the attraction you would wish.

Mine would be:


A Wonder-Woman themed RMC Raptor coaster, like the coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. "Wonder-Woman's Lasso"

Remove the JL attraction and use the space for something else, create a highly detailed indoor Justice League coaster dark ride coaster, preferably similar in layout to Revenge of the Mummy. "Justice League: The Invasion" (could be inspired by the old attraction)


Compact Eurofighter coaster with a carnival/circus theme could be really cool. I imagine a bright yellow or bright red track. "Carnivale"

Would be excited to know your ideas!

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I’d just like to see more family type attractions - ones that you could ride over and over again. 

Gerstlauer family coaster with a reverse section(especially like Pegasus Express). Zamperla Hydro Lift or a similar kind of river raft ride. A shooting dark ride or Ninjago type thing would be cool too.

Nothing that would break the bank, but would help to round out a day at any of our local parks.

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6 hours ago, zacsta_1997 said:

I know this is an old ride that isn’t manufactured anymore.  But I’d love to see a 1st generation Intamin Freefall in one of our parks.  Custom made to be taller and faster. 

I dunno why, I just find them visually appealing and interesting and would love to ride one. 

This was actually a very early days idea for MW, believe it or not and the Theme toyed around at the time was the movie "Towering Inferno". By early days I mean BATR (early 90's)

This ride experience was a tonne of fun. Felt more like a ride on the 'Zipper' with the Cage like cars and how you wound up on your back before being swung back down after reaching the end of the run out. I experienced the one at 6 Flags Magic Mountain and from memory it was a super Popular ride with long lines. The freefall experience was quite terrifying.

I would dearly love to see Intamin bring back this experience with a modern day look and feel.

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