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Is this clearing to do with the apparent wooden coaster that has been rumoured to open at SW in the next couple years? The site doesn't look big enough for one right now, I'd want to think that somewhere else might be cleared for a ride.

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I believe a biccy rash is this - images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSSFbmgX-vdPZ0Nzrcx4v-

but on an Arnotts biscuit 


Clearly if big ash has said that though, then it’s clear, it’s a new chill out zone, but they can’t call it chill out zone, so instead it will be called the cool out zone.

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As far as a place where it fits, it could go where Sea Viper was (so room for a decent coaster), or where Vikings Revenge was (room for a reasonable size water ride or coaster), and that's not including the reclaimed land or the numerous smaller areas where other types of rides could go. 

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16 minutes ago, Boyden Hingston-Muir said:

What exactly happened with Vikings? I'm assuming it was to do with TRR, but was there ever a public released reason for that ride closing? Could they get someone like Intamin to refurbish it?

Might have been because they rebuilt most of the track in house when Storm was built. 

After the Dreamworld tragedy, it quickly became apparent that one of the contributing factors was that Dreamworld made their own modifications to Thunder River Rapids which hadn't been approved by the manufacturer! 

At a guess, Sea World probably decided it's not a good idea to do that! 

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