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Steel Taipan Construction - Dreamworld Mack launched roller coaster

Blue Fire Feature   

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Occasionally I'll search through tender websites for theme park projects and yesterday's search at work had delivered some treasure. Here is what is worth noting: This is what the queu

And we have supports. 

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How exciting! Thanks for sharing @Coasterlife :D 

The trains shouldn't be too far off now (hopefully), and I assume the reverse twisted half pipe will be installed last?

Overall this coaster is turning out pretty neat so it'll be a treat when the ride finally opens to the public in 3 - 6 months (if all goes ahead pretty ssssmoothly) 

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Probably not even worth spending the money repainting buzzsaw considering it probably won't be sticking around long term. Give it maybe 2-3 years max before DW seriously need to consider removing it.

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2 hours ago, Whombex said:

Really? What's mechanically wrong with it?

Based on the 2020 annual report and conference call info already posted on here, seems that Buzzsaw's time is limited.

Needless to say I don't find myself surprised, it has been constantly in and out of operation over the years, heaps of issues with the restraints, isn't a very popular ride (based on my visits), has cosmetically and mechanically aged like milk, and has been basically run into the ground for most of its life.

Also, the fact that heaps of the major rides at DW have been given updates over the past few years, while Buzzsaw has sat by itself in a secluded corner of the park and gotten pretty much nothing says a lot also. I wouldn't be surprised to see DW try and stretch out the ride's time at the park until ST is ready to open then actively look at options for a replacement. Provided, there's still plenty of other things DW need to get done until a Buzzsaw replacement, so it might be a while.

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1 hour ago, themagician said:

Has anyone here been on triple launch coaster before? How is the experience compared to a single launch coaster?

Do we think DW went for the triple launch because it is a cheaper system (I assume it’s cheaper! or because of the area available and the unique experience it offers?

Yes sir! Been on The Hunger Game Capitol Bullet Train coaster at Motiongate Dubai, another Mack triple launch coaster :) The intensity of the launch is not very close to a single launch going full speed. I’ve also been on Velociraptor coasted at IMG in Dubai and that’s a Blue Fire clone like ST, just it doesn’t have the triple launch, just one. So I feel as though I know what ST will be like, given I have been on the two halves of it in two other Mack coasters. I expect the twisted spike to have a better appeal, but the vertical spike on the Hunger Games coaster gave great airtime! With a faster launch from the Blue Fire model at full speed being achieved in this triple launch, I still feel like it will be incredible!! Absolutely no doubt it will be a great launch system, and the only triple launch coaster in Australia is a great title.

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I have done Star Trek: Operation Enterprise which is Mack with a twisted spike, the launch isn't as powerful as Blue Fire (which I had written a few days prior) but bear in mind Star Trek has a lower top speed anyway.

Its not as crazy as the launch on Superman, but it still feels respectable, and going up the spiral gives a bit of airtime and lengthens the ride time.

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