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Movie world Maintenance 2021


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On 15/05/2021 at 6:43 AM, Lukevl said:

The hypercoaster was originally down until June 26 so that is a rapid maintenance period. 

Given that Superman went out on unscheduled maintenance, I'm just going to assume that perhaps Rivals wasn't finished, but that only non-essential work was scheduled, and with the loss of Superman, the park decided to bring Rivals back online to avoid disappointment at having both of the parks top coasters down at once.

My guess is if Rivals needs anything else done it'll go down again once Superman is back online.

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2 hours ago, ejpdtd said:

Whats the deal with GL on reduced trains, anyone know or hazzard a speculation? Waiting on parts from S&S?

It’s has issues consistently the last 2 weekends with people stuck on the ride for extended times. The whole thing is a shit show that surely VTP must be starting to consider giving up on it. 

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Here's a few pics from Roadrunner. Noticed a big box from Vekoma with some interesting info... some work was being done on the lift hill, too.







On 17/05/2021 at 1:46 PM, wakeboardandy said:

Is the theme parks app accurate? It is currently showing wait times for Superman and Doomsday. Even though maintenance is showing they are closed.

I’m not actually at the park but faking my gps to get live updates of wait times.

It often gets queue times wrong. Once it had WWF at 40 mins all day when it was actually walk on... anyhow, both Doomsday and Superman were completely closed today. Doomsday in particular had at least 5 maintenance workers on it... seems like they're really trying to get it open quickly.

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