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DC Rivals HyperCoaster construction discussion

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So damn SHOOK.

Here's a couple i got this morning.

Some of the new track and other parts that has arrived The camelback The drop Other

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7 minutes ago, AlexB said:

Yeah - Storm looks like standard gal, not painted grey. I'm still not sold on this Hyper. Can we try a Mack Coaster footing picture OUTSIDE of Australia?

I probably didn't understand you correctly, but here is 3 photos of The star Trek coaster at MoviePark Germany, and the footings (with supports in the way) of the flash coaster at Lewa.




MP 02-05-16 Loch 2 01.jpg

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Welcome to the forums @wileecoyote - you're going to fit in just fine.


Thanks for the pictures. What @YLFATEEKS meant was his theory about the footing bolts being coloured to match the support columns was 'sunk' or discredited by the pictures you posted. You solved a mystery, and very quickly at that, AND paid attention to the page count for the current saga of 'how many posts can we make about getting to 100 pages before we get to 100 pages' to boot.


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3 hours ago, themagician said:

Someone commented on my page, saying that this would be the bottom of the lift hill, which to me makes sense, that should help give an understanding of how...steep the lift hill will be, if we are basing it off the 61m tall.

Mack Rides's hypercoaster webpage states the maximum gradient of the lift hill will be 45 degrees, which is the angle I based those 'artist impressions' I made on, if looking at those again helps too in making a more accurate guess of the lift hill gradient. Lewa Adventure's Mack Rides hypercoaster lift hill, correct me if I'm wrong, is 45 degrees roughly too.

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6 minutes ago, Ryande16 said:

Haha m8 i couldn't give 2 shiz about likes, just scroll back like 50 or 60 pages i was a wreck less savage bro. All i care about is this new ride being built, and then im gone fam.

I think it's trying to communicate...

Anyway, if you couldn't give "2 shiz" about likes, then stop asking for them.

On a more topic-related note, I'd think the footings will be coming very soon by the look of those pics. A lot of smallish parts left lying around footings - which you wouldn't do if you were expecting not to work on them for a number of weeks.
I'd say it will be within the next fortnight at the latest that footings start to go in. Don't quote me on that, I'm just guessing like the rest of you.

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So, speaking to friends today, and found out that one, are really good friends with the guys constructing the coaster. He said that it would be 1 kilometre. This is roughly 3280.84 feet. Now, flash at Lewa is over 4000. My friend does tend to round things to whatever he can remember, so if the construction guy, said 1.4 k, my friend would likely just say 1 kilometre. So we now know that the hyper is at least 3200 ft or larger.

For comparison:

Sky rush is 3700 ft. I think ours will be at least this length at the bare minimum. Its not a bad length but I really think our hyper will be longer.

A no limits recreation of Sky rush.


GOLIATH ( the six flags over Georgia one) is


4,480 feet


So I think we have a pretty decent length hyper, not to short that people complain, but not so long that you get bored.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 3.54.49 pm.png

(I've tried everything but the second picture of sky rush wont delete from the post.

Edited by Intimidator305.
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i kind of understood it to be him saying he has a friend who knows a guy building the coaster, and he's heard it'd be at least 1km in length, but that it could be longer than that, so based on these other coasters he has linked \ posted images to, it should give an indication of the size \ range we can expect.

Thats my translation anyway. On the flip side (since you mentioned reputation points) - who the fuck is @gumb00t? (there also appears to be a @gumb00t2, and i've noticed of late that whatever the general concensus is on the forum, this guy tends to vote against the concensus, and does so consistently - take for example Intimidator and Skeet's post above. 

I get the feeling its a sleeper account of one of the few dickheads we've had around recently - silently waging war on those who called them out... 

@Slick needs an opportunity to flex his CL muscles so i'll see if i can get his attention to flag it.

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I'm getting called out because of my up/down voting preferences? A forum is for personal opinions isn't it? My personal opinion, of which is none of anyone's business... If you're going to all offended and keyboard warrior about it I'll just leave, mainly due to the silliness of it. 

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**apologies for the bad font changes... formatting not copying well from the page...**

MOVIE World’s next big attraction is on track for a September launch date, right in time for the school holidays.

Large-scale ground works are well under way at the Oxenford theme park to create a series of new attractions, including a new roller-coaster and $35-million golf facility.

Foundations have now been laid for what is believed to be the roller-coaster, a 200-foot tall ‘hyper coaster’, while land has been cleared for the golfing attraction,

Bunting placed on fencing around the construction site over the Christmas tourism season announced September as the opening date, with the Topgolf attraction expected to be the first to take customers.

A Village Roadshow spokesman yesterday said the company “looked forward to making an announcement. 

The Topgolf attraction, the first of its kind in Australia, will take up 6ha of land in the south of the park neat the Outback Spectacular.

It will feature golf games for all ages and skill levels along with a chef-driven menu, drinks, big-screen TVs and music held in climate-controlled suites.

Park bosses expect it to welcome more than 500,000 people annuall

The roller-coaster is expected to follow soon after, with parts for what will become the track already spotted arriving at the theme park.

The 60m high thrill ride will become the Gold Coast’s tallest attraction and will be built by German-based manufacturer Mack Rides.

The September opening date was welcomed by Gold Coast Tourism chairman Paul Donovan who said it was the time ahead of school holidays 

“We have already seen what happens when new attractions come online in theme parks and it certainly bolsters visitations,” he said, speaking to the Bulletin from Singapore

“September is a great time for new attractions to open because there will be the school holidays and by then we will be six months out from the Commonwealth Games.

“Everything we will have been working on will have come to fruition.”

It comes as planning continues on a new 731 car space carpark for Movie World.

Public consultation on the project, earmarked for a site on Michigan Drive ended in January and it is expected to go before the Gold Coast City Council’s planning committee for approval within weeks.

More than 100 submissions were received from residents.

Movie World is also understood to be proceeding with plans for a proposed hotel and waterside precinct on the site of the existing carpark.

The nine-story boutique project has already been granted building approval and the Bulletin understands Village Roadshow is searching for an accommodation provider to partner with it on the development.

source: GC Bulletin


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Just now, Santa07 said:

Yep, we're getting a strata coaster that is 60m tall. Good luck to anyone who wants to work out how those two facts can co-exist.

Well in order to be the tallest attraction on the gold coast it'd have to be taller than the Tower of Terror/Giant Drop, I was just making reference to the hyperbole in that comment.

I suppose if its 60m above ground and continues 60m below ground it would technically be a strata coaster?

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33 minutes ago, Cactus_Matt said:

Well in order to be the tallest attraction on the gold coast it'd have to be taller than the Tower of Terror/Giant Drop, I was just making reference to the hyperbole in that comment.

I suppose if its 60m above ground and continues 60m below ground it would technically be a strata coaster?

Yeah, I understood what you meant. Congratulations, you win the prize for finding a scenario where the two can co-exist.

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