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Sea World - New Attraction 2019

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An attraction like that (Turtle Trek) would be perfect for SW. Planet SOS 4D used to be a great show for the park, and since then they have never had anything in the cinema worthwhile, so a major and modern attraction would perfectly suit this, especially since the castle is no longer utilised for anything major. There would definitely be a lot of rerouting happening in the park as removing that castle would be a massive project.

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Is Sky Flyer now a permanent attraction?  I could be wrong, but I swear the web site said for a limited time and it now says:

“Take to the sky with our all-new Sea World Sky Flyer attraction, experiencing breathtaking views of Sea World and the Gold Coast Broadwater as you soar in a giant swing chair 33 meters above the ground.”

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I had the opportunity to ride this a week ago, and I must say I find the restraint to be quite ridiculous. The pivoting leg bar is fine, but when you add an additional bar below it (forming a box in each seat) it practically crushes your legs - especially the person sitting on the outside, as the pivot point means the corner of the 'box' digs in lower as the bar is brought down.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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4 hours ago, AlexB said:

I did ride, but noticed about halfway through I was getting pins and needles in my right leg.

I quite enjoyed it actually, but i'd like to see them change the restraints if they decide to keep it.

In theory this is still just a temporary model to be replaced by a more permanent version. If they get a permanent one, hopefully the restraint bars are set up differently

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