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Sea World - Creatures from the Deep


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Jeez this CotD place is looking swish. Particularly that giant squid next to the shipwreck is really nice looking. Is this going to be a permanent and theme-fitting version of dinosaur island?

This 'dinosaurs unearthed' company must have made a mint with all the traveling shows, permanent and semi-permanent exhibits they sold all around the globe.

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Seems a bit odd. Appears to be just a bunch of stationary sculptures plonked around the lake. When they gauged interest in the idea on Future of Fun, I was picturing it inside a building so they could add lighting and effects etc.

I have had the same thoughts. Still though it does appear they have spent a decent amount of money on it so I'm hoping there will be more to it.

If there isn't, and if it does turn out to be just a bunch of stationary sculptures plonked around a lake then it would be a one time only attraction at best.

I must admit I'm struggling to imagine how they can make it much more than that. I am assuming the creatures will move (animatronics), but there would still need to be more to it. A story. A walk-through experience of some sort. Interactive elements would be absolutely essential if they want it to be something people will want to do more than once.

I will reserve judgement until I see it when it opens, and I'm really hoping it's not a waste of money and land that could have been much better used. Fingers crossed!

I think part of it will be indoors too, in the same building which was used for the indoors part of Dinosaur Island.

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Maybe that's all they could afford when they charge people $75 for a season pass..

As a business VRTP wouldn't be charging such a low price if it wasn't beneficial to them.

I know that I have personally spent a lot more money in the parks since the introduction of the cheap passes. Before the passes I would only visit one of the parks probably every 3 years or so, so they would only be getting ~$75(day pass entry) + ~$50(spending in the park) = ~$125 out of me every 3 years.

Now every year for the past 3 years I have bought a year pass. Even if the passes had been $75 every year that's $225 just on passes in 3 years (Already VRTP has gotten an extra $100 out of me they wouldn't have normally), this isn't taking into account the extra food and merchandise I have purchased over the years, and due to the low entry cost I have been more inclined to purchase up-charges like animal encounters which I would not have done with a standard day pass in years gone.

I know this story is same for the 6 people living in my house and I would say is the same for hundreds of other locals.

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^^^ this. Couldn't have said it better, myself!!!

I know usually we would maybe visit a theme park once a year, if that. That's also all that happened when I was a child, my parents couldn't afford to take me very often because of the high entry prices.

But with the introduction of the cheap VIP passes, my own family & I are visiting them at least once a week. And yes, we do make regular purchases, usually food & drinks, when we can't be bothered leaving the park to seek something cheaper. They also have drink refill deals which are worthwhile if you buy a sipper outright and take it back with you on days you visit. Might be only a few dollars a day for us to pay, but it adds up for the park when everyone is doing it.

I know when we visited Movieworld yesterday, we bought: 1 x coffee, 1 x donut, 1 x icecream w/ gummy bears, 1 x bag of lollies, 1 x green lantern cape, 1 x earrings. The latter mainly being for our kids lol. And we didn't even end up having lunch there!

I think it's fairly obvious how the cheap passes are turning out to be a winner for the parks, especially when it comes to locals :)

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