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Doomsday Destroyer - 2016 Movie World construction

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1 hour ago, themagician said:

I can't quite make out what these are that are at the bottom. Could they be the motors? (photo: ttpsn)


It's that big chunky bit they had next to the pole when it used to be out the back. I reckon they just have it in the pit temporarily until they erect it onto the pole? 

Eta: this bit

2016-05-04 12.17.22.jpg



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4 minutes ago, bladex said:

that pole looks bloody terrible. can't believe they deliberately did that to it...

also i thought the tower was going to be taller than that?

You ate judging a pole dude... Once the arms are attached and theming added the colour scheme of the pole will either blend in to be unnoticeable or at least make sense. 

What tower? If you are referring again to the pole (it's just a pole, get over it), the original press release said the ride reaches 20m, so by the time you add the arms, from that photo you could agree that at the highest most point reached by the arms, it would be approx 20m, right?

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2 hours ago, mba2012 said:

This is a bit off topic, but given how they're decorating the buildings there, could Superman also be up for something similar come it's long downtime later this year?

Great idea.


6 hours ago, bladex said:

that pole looks bloody terrible. can't believe they deliberately did that to it...

also i thought the tower was going to be taller than that?

Look at the top of the pole - there's bolt points for something else to go onto it.

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7 hours ago, bladex said:

also i thought the tower was going to be taller than that?

What's to say that the ride parts that have been in view out the back of WWW are the only parts of it? There is a lot of shipping containers and other obstructions in the way, so they may very well have more further back, in the containers, or in another area altogether where we can't see them.

Personally I am expecting they have more similar pole parts somewhere to the one that's just been installed, which make it a lot higher when vertically bolted together :) 

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12 hours ago, bladex said:

how did they even paint that pole in the 1st place? it never moved once from that spot from the pics we saw how did they get under it etc? :lol:

Last photo of it pre the new colour design was April 23... First photo with new design was May 2... 9 days between them...


If you compare the photos it indeed looks as though it has not been moved but it is raised off the ground so it is still possible to get underneath it...

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I think the paint job looks awesome. 

And that tower certainly looks to be 10m tall so when you double that with the arms there's your 20m...


As for superman, it's been said 1000 times. Down time is for re paint. 

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20 hours ago, Brad2912 said:

It wouldn't be printed wrap, that would peel in no time out in the Qld sun. 

You think that looks like detailed paintwork? Ever been to an art gallery? That's Yr9 visual arts level..

Wrapped cars last fine and thats only a pretty cheap thin layer. If you had the budget for industrial stuff, I can't see why it wouldn't last as long as paint (which also breaks down and oxdises in the harsh sun, so expect maybe 8 years).

The "thing" posted above looks like some kind of gearbox or motor housing. The big round bits give it away, looks like its made to have some sort of motor or drive fit in the round bits to turn the arms. Given it has two arms, it would need to be placed pretty high up, so id say its pretty safe to say that there are more tower sections to go up. I don't even thing you would be able to fit arms and gondolas on the tower at this height. If you split the tower and arms 50/50 height wise, that leaves a tower a good 10m tall. Doesn't look even close to that now. In reality, its probably more like 70/30 which might put the tower about 12m tall with the arms somewhere around 5-6m radius?

Does intamin have any drawings on their website?

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Yeah go to their website and have a look. You will see its one tower section, then a whole piece supporting motors, brakes, gearboxes and the arms. 


Realise the heigh the gondolas reach is 21m not the height of the tower. 

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No, that tower is probably the highest it'll go. It might go up a tiny bit from the size of the gearbox, but won't go past that.

Try to imagine something twice that hight, that's how high the thing's going and it's actually a fair way up. And once the fences go down you might be able to see that it isn't so small after all.

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Got some more gossip as well from park staff, whom have had numerous briefings about the new section of the park and been shown blueprints and artists' impressions of what the final version will look like! 

Apparently the new area will be fully interactive for kids. They will be given wristbands which they can scan at different points at each of the villain's corners and make things happen to them (explode, make green lantern appear etc). I'm gonna assume that this will happen on screens of some sort, otherwise the mechanics for such events are gonna be pretty full on lol. 

Apparently that building against the toilets which is already nearly complete is a bank, which will be Joker & Harley Quinns area. 

The overall area as it's being re-themed right now is supposed to represent Metropolis. 

Supposedly the show stage sign is going to come down in coming months as well and replaced with a 'Doomsday Destroyer' sign. 

The show stage building is obviously staying (funny, since another staff member told us a while back that it was going lol - grain of salt ??) but there will be no new related shows inside, it will only be used for functions and scare mazes. 

The Doomsday Destroyer will be made a bit taller once they add the motor block and what not on top of the current pole, so it's not gonna be much taller to what we can see right now. It will however have an elevating floor which lowers up and down with ride function.

The staff confirmed the ride pole has a wrap around it, it's not painted. 

So there ya go, more new info to digest lol???

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