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VRTP Response To Recent Media Reports About Ride Stoppages/Breakdowns

VRTP Response To Recent Media Reports About Ride Stoppages/Breakdowns  

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  1. 1. Do you agree with VRTP?

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  2. 2. Should VRTP's response come sooner?

    • Yes - sooner
    • No - timing is perfect
    • No - later
    • No - no response was needed
  3. 3. Do you think this will stop the media reporting ride stoppages more frequently than usual?

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    • Yes - slightly
    • No - not at all
    • No - media reports will become more frequent

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From The Courier-Mail:


CEO says Sea World, Movie World, Wet n Wild unfairly tainted by Dreamworld disaster

THE boss of Village Roadshow claims its theme parks have been wrongly tainted by the Dreamworld disaster, telling guests it is more dangerous driving on the M1 than riding a rollercoaster.

Park attendances at Movie World, Wet ’n’ Wild and Sea World have dropped by about 12 per cent since the October accident, in which four tourists were killed at Dreamworld when the Thunder River Rapids ride ­malfunctioned.

But Village Roadshow Theme Parks chief executive officer Tim Fisher has passionately defended ride safety in the wake of the disaster.


Photograph: Village Roadshow Theme Park chief executive Tim Fisher.

This came despite patrons being left stranded atop ­rollercoasters in stifling conditions and some having to be evacuated after a spate of stoppages on major rides at the parks in recent weeks.

Mr Fisher said the shutdowns were proof the safety systems were working to prevent another Dreamworld-style disaster – and insisted Village Roadshow’s rides were safer than driving your car down the M1 to get to Movie World, Sea World or Wet ’n’ Wild.

“The chances of anything (like the Dreamworld tragedy) happening … are minute,’’ he said. “We put our own families on these rides without any hesitation.

‘‘There’s nothing more important to us than the safety of your children.’’

His comments came as passengers enjoying the Storm Coaster ride at Sea World on Saturday were stuck for about 15 minutes in what the theme park called a “routine ride stoppage”.

The incident occurred at about 11.30am at the base of the ride’s incline and about 15 minutes later, staff members removed the passengers from the eight-seater carriage, offering them bottles of water and umbrellas.

Mr Fisher and Village Roadshow Theme Parks chief operating officer Bob White said recent breakdowns had been unfairly portrayed in the context of the tragedy at the rival theme park, owned by Ardent Leisure.

“We have a good relationship with our friends at Dreamworld,” Mr Fisher said. “What happened there was a terrible, terrible tragedy and our hearts are broken for everybody involved.

‘‘It’s certainly had an impact on the (theme park) industry, there’s no getting around that. But we believed deeply that our parks were safe before the tragedy and we believe just as deeply today that our parks are safe.”

Mr White said regular ride stoppages “are essential to running a safe park’’.

Rides were fitted with hundreds of sophisticated sensors designed to trigger alerts and shutdowns when any risk was detected.

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It must be so frustrating for them to have to deal with the ridiculous media, it'd be like going to your job doing it exactly as you're supposed to and then getting yelled at anyway... oh wait that's retail life anyway.

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While I think Dreamworld would have some impact on attendance, I don't think it's the sole contributor.

We currently don't have tickets mostly due to there being limited options that our whole family would enjoy - the kids are past kiddie rides, but not tall enough for most of the big coasters and thrill rides.  Also, just general cost of living has made annual tickets something of a luxury - and while I agree they're great value, it's not really a priority of spending right now.  

ETA:  I kind of skipped the main point - yes I think the media is not helping.  

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4 minutes ago, Levithian said:

channel 7 seem to be worse than 9 and abc in hounding them?

 I really don't think so. although i've seen the Ch7 social media posts circulated more than others, they're all as bad as each other. Ch9 has run stories on their nightly news the same as 7 - i think they all draw their stories from GCB or CM anyway, who do tend to be the front runners with these stories too.

bottom line they're all as bad as each other.

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The media is doing what the media does best - sensationalise a story to get themselves more money. Don't get me wrong, the incident at Dreamworld was a tragedy, but it was also a fluke event. If a bus crashes, should we all immediately become nervous every time a bus breaks down?

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