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Leviathan Construction Updates

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I thought I'd start a seperate forum for Leviathan specific construction updates, so that we can easily follow the coaster in one place. This was my first time seeing the vertical construction pr

Forgot to upload these after visiting Sunday. 

Howdy folks - here's the latest nearmap overview taken last weekend - 6 days old and hot off the presses!

Posted Images

This says they've been working with Dreamworld and VRTP for the last two years - i'm not seeing why (if these guys are hot shit) leviathan would be delayed for these reasons? this seems to be a perfect explanation as to why engineering  safety signoffs aren't the issue.

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If only there was somewhere VRTP could update the people who are super interested on the various stages of construction but not flood their socials with the less interesting updates.

Just throwing ideas around, like maybe a construction blog.

Maybe even host it on a VRTP owned website like https://themeparks.com.au/blog

In fact I would specifically use this exact URL for no apparent reason.




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25 minutes ago, New display name said:

Could it be, Parkz doesn't know what is going on or is not in the position to tell?

But were they really in the know for the various articles about Skyvoyager? Speculation makes for some of the greatest journalism efforts of all time. Some investigation journalistic efforts to the same tune as what was put towards SV would be great to see. 

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If you think there’s an interesting story about this being delayed amid a global pandemic that has delayed virtually every other attraction on the planet then I’m all ears. I personally don’t think the narrative is anywhere near as compelling as Sky Voyager’s delays amid years of mismanagement and a botched recovery plan, but each to their own.

I genuinely encourage any of you to write such a piece and send it through if you think it’s of interest — I’d be more than happy to publish a well written piece on the subject.

Given that @TimmyG and @Tinter were both previously banned from this site I’m not too surprised that they are back with the same tired ‘Parkz is biased’ stuff. One created fake accounts to cause trouble, lied about it repeatedly when asked and ultimately got themselves banned only to create a whole fake persona to rejoin and lie to me yet again about who they were. The other just seems to enjoy disrupting this community for fun. They’re also both behind the Golden Years Facebook page but that’s neither here nor there in their banning, though it does provide context and likely motives for their undermining behaviour. Neither have reached out to apologise, clarify or justify their past actions.

At some point it’s just plain harassment though and I’ll reiterate that it’s not something we are entertaining anymore. 

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48 minutes ago, Mc coaster said:

Wasn’t sure if I should create a new thread or not so I’ll just put it here. But trident is on site. It’s great to finally see some progress. Seeing as though they haven’t started the foundation yet it might be a bit till it goes vertical. Thanks to themeparkqueen_au on Instagram.






Though I'm no fan of any Spinning rides. good to see some movement there! 

Very Keen to see the finished product!

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I'm still anticipating SW take up my suggestion and go with a hoop as the crowning piece.  It will be impressive to watch dolphins jump though the hoop.  SW will perhaps train the dolphins to give Justice for Captives the fin as they soar through the hoop.


If a dolphin can't reach the height, I would be fine with SW shooting a dolphin out of a cannon.👍

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So we started out with this opening schedule

Vortex - Dec 2019

Trident - April 2020

Leviathan - Dec 2020

Then Trident and Leviathan swapped opening dates.

Then Vortex changed to April 2020, then September 2020 and finally opening in Dec 2020.

Trident and Leviathan then had a September 2021, then a December 2021 and now Easter 2022.

When they finally open, it would’ve been at least 3 years since they were announced. That’s Disney level announcement to opening time frames. Obviously Covid had a part in the majority of this, but it’s interesting to look at the long opening timeframes that these attractions have gone through.


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