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Dreamworlds 3D Map


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Firefox 84 here.

Increasingly I've been having more and more issues with site compatibility in FireFox. I've been using it since v3 back in the XP days. It's still my go to browser, I just know that occasionally I'll have site issues and to go to Chrome/Edge. Using the nightly build isn't going to help though.

Now that Microsoft Edge is built on Chromium, I'd say web devs and the likes are going to prioritise functionality for Chrome due to a larger market share

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Here is is a Russian theme park's map that despite looking worse, being in a completely different language and clearly cheaply made is still way more useful than Dreamworld's map: https://park-belinsky.ru

I do not know how something this bad makes it through. On this digital map it took me 18 seconds to find the nearest bathroom to Dreamworld's main entrance. On the old map it took me 3 seconds. Methinks it is yet another piss poor call made by a CEO with zero theme park experience. If anyone at Dreamworld thinks guests are going to bother with this mess they've got rocks in their heads.

What an absolute shame.

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