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Luna park 9 new rides construction


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3 hours ago, zacsta_1997 said:

This was an image attached to LPs Email.  I’m noticing SLC Track. 🤔


8BD595A2-21D1-41EE-B880-3556E99389C3.webp 1.8 MB · 40 downloads

Oh god, I remember seeing the same image around Luna just a week ago. I really didn’t know why they included SLC track, looks like The Goldcoaster from Dreamworld with it’s original yellow colour (funnily enough, was originally the Big Dipper V.2 at Luna in the 90’s).

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1 hour ago, Naazon said:

Here is a more friendly file format.



Hahaha..yeah this is very poor. Looking at this you would think that LPS was putting in an Arrow Suspended Coaster!!! 🤣


There should be something representative of the new Big Dipper- their art department has had a huge brain fart!!

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It seems to be their main graphic used to advertise their NYE event at the park. I'd imagine that they just had a background-less coaster track image lying around and just slapped it on to save time cause the track is just the same image duplicated at slightly different sizes. Otherwise they'd need to have a photographer go out with ideal lighting, find the right angle for the track, take the picture, edit it and then cut out the background to chuck it on the graphic. That's a lot of work for a single event where the ride isn't the focus. 

From what I know the marketing and content team at LPS is pretty small (and watching the job listings they're struggling to fill spots) so I don't envy their work load. Likely they just pumped it out as quick as possible and then moved onto the next thing.

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On 28/11/2021 at 12:40 AM, Baconjack said:

On a positive note, at least decals have been applied to the facade in front of the BD station to make it look somewhat authentic and faithful to the intricate facade that it sits next to.


Surprised this wasn't at least asked - i thought they hand painted those on, rather than just stick-ons... can anyone confirm?

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The Big Dipper is due to open on Boxing Day at this stage. The testing will of course continue - next week the 2nd train will be added and 2 train runs will commence. The next big ticket item will be Plant registration.

Wild Mouse is also set to reopen Boxing Day and has had 4 of the 6 towers completely replaced with the final two being locked in for replacement in February. Most of the track has also been completely replaced as well, by the time Boxing Day rolls around she will feel like a new ride.


Good times!!!



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Was busy reading the BD page on LPS website but couldn't get over what's underlined:


New Big Dipper


The Big Dipper returns, but not as you know it. It’s bigger, dippier, faster, higher and 360° loopier. It’s the world’s first inline seating launch rollercoaster, and Australia’s tallest and fastest multi-launch coaster. Big kids only.


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I managed to get to LPS on Sunday for the first time since they've opened everything. For context it had been raining pretty much all weekend and Sunday was no exception. The morning was blue skies, but once we hit midday it was just pouring.

All the ticket booths were closed once I got to the park. No problem, I just need to use the website but goodness me was it having problems. I have a background in Tech so I'm not computer illiterate but it probably took about a solid 20-30 minutes to secure a season pass. There was a problem where my card kept getting rejected, then it'd wipe the form and request new information. Apple Pay was also failing as it'd just flash up briefly and then disappear. It was frustrating, but once I got the QR they were super quick to print out my card and get me in the park with no reservation. Kudos to the team during this time because they were doing everything they could to get me in the park but also gave the expectation that there was a weather warning.

By the time I got my season pass the rain came. One of the staff members said they got pinged on their in-ear radio that pretty much all outdoor rides had closed due to lightning nearby but they would be open when the weather eases. It was about midday so we got a hotdog and ate indoors for a bit. COVID safe practices meant that there wasn't a ton of seating indoors but we did manage to get a seat which was a bonus. At this point the park was drained of people thanks to the rain except within Coney Island which is where we ended up next. There were pretty decent lines for the freefall drops so we just browsed all the retro photographs and relics that they had on the walls instead.

After about an hour the weather had eased to a point where it was light enough to get on some rides. The rain was freezing though so we got some surprisingly cheap ponchos ($3 each!?) and jumped on Boomerang. It's fun! Nothing outstanding but a great addition for the family. Big Dipper had been testing all day as well. Literally every two minutes you would have a train cycle which made it great for photos and videos. I'll upload some later.

Afterwards we did Loopy Lighthouse which @MrLukeCarroll tempted me to get on as a joke. There was no line but I was actually surprised that this ride was fun! The gut drop feeling is awesome for a non-intense attraction. Also the attendant didn't bat an eye at two grown adults getting on the attraction which is nice. In saying that, all staff members were excellent the entire day. For what was miserable weather with wet and frustrated guests, the staff were attentive, cheerful and professional. A lot of them were willing to have a chat about the park, the new rides and updates on the Big Dipper which was appreciated.

We capped off the day with a ride on sledgehammer. We only needed to wait one cycle which wasn't long because it was still not running 360 mode and the 270 cycle is extremely short. The ride packs a punch once it ramps up, but unfortunately once it hits that point you start slowing down. I know they're having problems with this attraction, but the current cycle is way too short for a park like LPS. I'll be interested to see how the 360 mode compares, but hopefully they can iron out the kinks on this attraction because it's got great potential.

At this point we were done with the weather. It was cold, miserable and we couldn't be bothered sticking around. I'm happy with the new additions as it really solidifies the park for families but also offers something to entertain teenage and young adult thrill seekers. Again, the staff deserve huge kudos for being all-around excellent. 

I've got a season pass now so I'll be back for Big Dipper when it opens and hopefully I can experience the other attractions in dry weather. 

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