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Ride evacuations (I'm not calling them ride unloads) were down 38% last year which is dandy.  They also quote the number of guests they had last year and how many rides people go on rides.  You think that's to set you up for them to tell you how many ride stops they had or how many guests they evacuated off a ride and in doing so prove how rare it is, and how it's not so rare that it's scary.  They do however skip that step presumably because that saying it happened around 500 times (guessing) sounds bad and instead they go straight into an out of context stat about having a 0.0004% chance of being involved in a break down (do they mean per visit or per ride taken?).  If I was a maths teacher I'd fail them for failing to show their working.


It's not a total waste though, if they ever install an elevator into the admin building they now have something totally inoffensive and bland to play during the trip.

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I think it's good that they're speaking up about this, how else is the general public meant to know that the media is essentially only reporting these things for click bait and to make people paranoid that an accident may happen if they go on a ride. Not only that some of the information from the media is borderline false, I remember one article about the recent Arkham Asylum stoppage stated that the ride had stopped mid-ride. The photo in the article even showed the ride had actually stopped at the top of the lift hill. Now you could possibly say that time wise, the top of the lift hill is close to mid ride, although it's definitely not length wise, and you could argue the ride has barely even started when you are on the lift hill. The media just need to stop being jerks.

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the intention behind the video is a great one.

the voiceover actor isn't suited, and sounds like they're doing it in their office, and trying not to disturb their neighbour whilst doing it.

voice actors need more range to engage a viewer. she sounds like she's tripping on diazepam.

they should get that guy that does the e-serve ad. it'd be so obnoxious the news networks would be bound to sit up and take notice!

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1 hour ago, AlexB said:

the intention behind the video is a great one.

the voiceover actor isn't suited, and sounds like they're doing it in their office, and trying not to disturb their neighbour whilst doing it.

voice actors need more range to engage a viewer. she sounds like she's tripping on diazepam.

they should get that guy that does the e-serve ad. it'd be so obnoxious the news networks would be bound to sit up and take notice!

That's not an actor. That's the same person that was on camera in the previous video 

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^word used to convey the role the person was playing for the purposes of the recorded media. Not intended to indicate that they were a person actively working in that profession.

there is no energy, no engagement. they are boring as batshit. On the one hand, involving actual staff in the video gives it realism.

On the other - if thats the best they've got - they should be looking elsewhere.

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Look, i've been quite critical of the Movie World videos, but primarily it was the story they tried to tell (in the first one) and the really bad narration in the ones that followed.

But the imagery shown - showing the checks, discussing the sensors etc were far more detailed than both the Alton and DW ones.

Basically to sum them up:

MovieWorld: "to the -enth degree, we'll show you what's involved, for your safety

Alton: "we won't put people in danger. Here's some pictures of our rides not broken down"

DreamWorld: "we've been rectally examined by four different organisations. Trust us - it's safe."


I'll be honest and say I prefer MW's message - i'd just prefer their delivery was better.

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What an insipid piece of corporate nothingness from Dreamworld. A company accountant telling us about ride safety from the least-relatable perspective possible: internal and external policy/procedure audits. It literally looks like a Powerpoint presentation and the script reads like that part of a monthly corporate meeting where you quietly check Facebook under the table.

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MW's overall message is more suited to the public audience, while Dreamworld's seems to be more focused on informing the people who actually care about the whole safety process (which is certainly not as big a group as MW was targeting). I don't think I can judge which one is "better" as such since they both were giving different messages. MW's was a lot better at convincing the public that their rides are safe, but Dreamworld's I found to be more informative (as I was already aware of most of what was said in MW's video - while I wasn't so much aware of the process Dreamworld's safety audit went through). I also give Dreamworld points for having the best presenter - MW had someone who sounded like she was half-asleep, and Alton Towers had someone who seemed bored out of his mind and was very obviously reading off a script.

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50 minutes ago, Santa07 said:

MW's overall message is more suited to the public audience, while Dreamworld's seems to be more focused on informing the people who actually care about the whole safety process...

If you're good at what you do, your pre-production is there you can do both, all the while being entertaining. Last Week Tonight is a great example of this.

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1 hour ago, Santa07 said:

Dreamworld's seems to be more focused on informing the people who actually care about the whole safety process

Who are these people that care about the safety process yet somehow missed the months of news coverage and Ardent's own announcements that went into detail about every single thing that was said in that video? This 'update' is a rehash of information that has been widely publicised for about six months. The information itself is inoffensive enough, but the perplexing thing though is that they made no efforts to script or present it as something that's vaguely shareable and social media friendly but rather something out of a new employee orientation seminar.

The actual interesting thing to find out would be what has changed internally or with the park's overall culture towards maintenance and operations as a result of these unprecedented audits, but I don't think that would make for a feelgood corporate video.

Points go to Alton Towers for managing to blame ride stoppages on guests' behaviour and weather. 

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I'd have much rathered Dreamworld summarize for each of the big nine what the audits revealed, and what was done.  For now all I know is they were closed a long time (in many cases), and work was required (in some cases).  If it was safe in the first place tell me nothing needed doing (it's a good news story), if it needed a few minor things then tell me that too (I can take comfort in hearing that the stuff you were fixing is thin end of the wedge) - just don't leave me to guess what was wrong that needed it closed all that time.

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      Not sure if this has been discussed,
      But does anyone else think that Village Roadshow should sell Sea World to 'Sea World Theme Parks & Resorts'? And if so, does anyone actually know the chances of it actually happening?
      The park seems to have gotten worse over the years and it's honestly just sad, so I'm hoping that a decent company could make it 'good' again.
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      CLARK Kirby’s career has come full circle since, as a child, he helped clean the cinema of his then-fledging family business Village Roadshow.

      Village Roadshow commenced operating in 1954, owning and managing one of the first drive-in cinemas in Australia in the Melbourne suburb of Croydon.

      “I have a long history with the theme parks her — my grandfather Rock Kirby started Village Roadshow, back in 1954 in Victoria, the drive-in cinema down in Melbourne.

      “Entertainment is well and truly in the blood. My original background was in the cinema industry — I like to say I worked there when I was four years old when I started to clean the amusement rides down at Sorrento.

      “I worked every school holidays for the family in the cinema we had down there.

      “Then I completed one degree up here at Bond University and then went on to study at a number of other universities and ended up in investment banking associate director of mergers and acquisitions with UBS Investment

      “It was a great opportunity because I advised a lot of entertainment companies here in Australia — including PPL, Channel 7, News Corp.

      “It gave me a broadbased understanding of different business models and management styles within the entertainment world, some incredible companies.

      “It was very diverse, and very interesting trying to impart advice.

      “Then I came back and headed up corporate strategy for the group then since 2012 I’ve been chief operating officer of the Village Roadshow Group and sitting on the board of the theme park group.

      “In May this year I assumed the role of CEO and executive chairman of the theme park group.

      “Really because we do see it as our most important business and a business we see enormous growth in here and internationally.”

      What do you love about the Gold Coast?

      “I don’t believe there is any city in the world that can rival the family friendly lifestyle we enjoy here on the Gold Coast.

      “The weather and sublime beaches promote a healthy lifestyle and world class attractions mean kids and big kids will always be entertained and inspired.

      “I am also in awe of the incredible sense of pride and community spirit of the Gold Coast.

      “Initiatives like the Gold Coast Community Fund have been so generously embraced by locals wanting to help out those doing it tough.”

      What do you think can be done better on the Gold Coast?

      “We need to ensure there is sufficient planning and investment in essential infrastructure such as public transport and traffic management to deal with the existing congestion and to support and encourage private investment and development.

      “Coming from Melbourne, I have also seen the incredible power of sporting events to drive tourism and investment.

      “The Commonwealth Games is already electrifying the city and I would like to see a sustained calendar of major sporting events through the year.”

      In your travels, what have you seen being done elsewhere you think could work well here?

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      “We are moving towards creating our own version of this alongside Movie World when Australia’s first Topgolf opens after the Commonwealth Games next year.”

      If money, laws, time and approvals were no issue, what is one big project you’d undertake tomorrow?

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      What conversations should Gold Coast movers and shakers be having?

      “We need to consider what our city is going to look like in five, 10, 20 years. Is our infrastructure going to be able to keep up with rate of growth predicted for the Gold Coast?

      “Where are the jobs going to come from and are we providing our kids with the relevant training and opportunities to succeed?

      “The long term future for the Spit is another important issue for me — there is so much uncertainty around development on The Spit.

      “We desperately need a masterplan to ensure that any development includes sufficient investment in infrastructure to ensure residents and existing businesses are not negatively impacted.

      “In the more immediate future, we need to ensure that we fully capitalise on the incredible exposure the Commonwealth Games will bring to the Gold Coast.”

    • By WillowTree64
      Hi there! I haven't visited the gold coast since 2010, and I'm thinking about returning for a trip later this year in December. Could somebody please offer a quick summary of the current state of the parks there? I'm specifically interested in Dreamworld/White Water World, Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World and Wet n Wild. Those are the parks I'm most familiar with, but I'm sure there's way more worth visiting on/around the coast. So if you could offer what your experiences have been like recently, it would be very much appreciated. What's the best? What's the worst?
      Looking into other forum posts, and the recent news articles - I've got the feeling Village Roadshow Parks isn't doing so hot lately. But maybe I'm mistaken on that, what do you think? 
      Thank you for your time. 
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