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Wet n Wild SurfRider taken off website


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100% Mad house in Showstage. 
And then a powered mine train that has a very small indoor themed portion but mostly just winds all through WWF existing layout/theming including over the water. 
Positives of this:

-Mad Houses are actually awesome a big people eaters

-Main show building exists

-New show building is low cost as is only small

-Excuse to ass extra capex to enhance WWF as part of project

-Result is a massive, themed non IP area

-Opportunity to get a 2 ride package deal from Vekoma



-Loss of show stage for showcase - use the old intensity building instead

-Possible loss of fright nights pad - its a concrete slab, a cheap shed and some power, not hard to replicate elsewhere back of house

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On 16/01/2023 at 12:41 PM, Tricoart said:

What section is that?

See the gravel area just to the left middle of the image? It's quite a big area when you actually stand at the fence. Next time you are there have a closer look along the track and you'll see the middle courtyard is a fenced off area within a fenced off area.

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9 hours ago, Guest 239 said:

There were some concepts done up for a Starflyer to go in that space themed to Doomsday a good few years back.


I'm glad this didn't get built. Far too tall (was supposed to be taller than Giant Drop from memory), and too much crowd congestion for that section, you already had superman and arkham at the time. You'd be able to see the big tower from West, or pretty much anywhere in the park.

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4 hours ago, franky said:

Been having a snoop, and interestingly the entire plot of wnw/paradise country/mw/movie studios is all Lot 6 SP118653.


Definitely not Seaworld though!

That's the current location of the ride that is receiving works. 

You'll possibly see another application appear for it to be installed. That would have the lot location of installation 

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