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Who would pay $25 for Steel Taipan's spinning seats "Tailwhip?"

Tailwhip Questions  

44 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you pay $25 for Tailwhip?

    • Yup! Seems worth it.
    • Nope.
  2. 2. If no, how much is reasonable?

    • $10-$15
    • $15-20
    • $20+

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Despite my aversion to polls on the forums - i feel as though this thread (spelled correctly) would benefit from a poll either 'would you pay' or 'how much would you pay'...

much like DC Rivals i'd pay it at least once in the early visits, again whenever i was riding with a first time rider for their experience, and any time i'm dropping in quickly, and the queue is too long. 

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I have prebooked for the 15th and have no issue with that cost during holidays, neither do I have an issue with $20 for DCR backwards during the holidays.

I do however hope when the tailwhip train is used outside of peak there is a lower pricing structure. At $10/$15 it is something I would likely do most visits. Would hate to see the seats sit empty as DCR seats often do during offpeak.

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  • Slick changed the title to Who would pay $25 for Steel Taipan's spinning seats "Tailwhip?"

It does seem like a lot, but keep in mind that it's only on one of the trains, meaning low capacity throughput per hour, and the technology probably requires extra maintenance from the crew in charge of maintaining the trains. It was always going to be pricier than DCR backwards.

That being said, DCR's price has fluctuated frequently and then not operated at all at times, so it's hard to get a measure on what guests think is a reasonable price for that experience. Either way, Tailwhip (I keep almost calling it Tailspin) should rightfully be the more expensive of the two. It's more expensive to maintain and, in my opinion without having ridden it yet, an all-around more intense and unique experience.

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