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So TPSN is a place now?

@Rollercoaster_Lover , this is obviously you because you are the only person who spells Green Lantern as Greenlauntern      

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I was shocked to discover that the ending to that show is still the Cotton Eyed Show dance. How that lasted beyond the first week I'll never know. Also surprising to me is the survival of the trucks blocking; as soon as your attention is the brought to the truck, the first thing it does is disappear behind the island. Thats still how they do it 

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So take this with a grain of salt, but I got an Uber out of Disney World a few days ago and my driver was telling me that her husband had just retired. She also thought there was 100% a Disney park happening in Australia because they had been asking her husband to go. He was involved in the initial build at Shanghai and reportedly turned them down for the Aus trip to spend more time closer to home.

I’m taking it as though they’re keeping an eye on things down here.

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For those wanting to avoid squinting and oil stains...

Ann Wason Moore Opinion: Gold Coast theme parks need government support to bring back the fun


Our theme parks have endured a bumpy ride over the past three years, so the announcement that Sea World is set to open a new $50 million ride precinct, along with the imminent opening of Dreamworld’s $17 million Sky Voyager attraction, is welcome news.

In fact, the Village Roadshow renovation was inspired by the Queensland Government and city council’s $90 million investment in The Spit Masterplan, which will transform it into Gold Coast Ocean Park.

And while this quasi-private/public partnership is great news, with the potential to create thousands of jobs, an interesting point was raised by one of the Bulletin’s readers.

“Jackson” commented that while he believes the push for a world-class theme park is a far better idea than a second casino as originally proposed for The Spit, he wondered whether there was any free public land being offered to theme park operators — such as has been suggested for a potential second casino?

Nailed it, Jackson.

It’s not that our theme parks necessarily need free land, but a cash injection from the government would certainly come in handy if we are serious about building world-class attractions.

Sure, our theme parks are owned and operated by private corporations — but so are plenty of other businesses and entities which receive government investment. Why shouldn’t our theme parks — which, along with our beaches, are the backbone of our tourism industry (and the backbone of our economy) — receive a hand-up from the government?

Yes, there is a small amount already received by our parks, such as the $2.7 million the Queensland Government has spent in partnership with Dreamworld to expand the park’s Corroboree and wildlife area to create a world-class Future Lab, which would be the state’s first native animal genome research facility.

That’s great news for animals, scientists and students … but is it going to inspire a stampede of tourists? Knowing my kids, the answer is no.

The truth is that nothing puts bums on rides like, well, rides.

And the bigger and better our theme parks become, the bigger and better becomes our tourism industry … and, by extension, our economy.

Surfers Paradise Alliance CEO Mike Winlaw says he believes ramping up our theme parks is critical for the future of the region’s tourism industry.

He says the Gold Coast could one day rival Florida, home of The Walt Disney World Resort, with its four theme parks and one of the most visited holiday destinations in the world.

Interestingly, as Sea World unveiled its planned $50 million Atlantis precinct, Disneyland itself was preparing to open the doors to its new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge expansion — a 14-acre, $1 billion development.

Lord (Vader) knows Village Roadshow and Ardent Leisure could never compete with the sort of budget that Disney commands — but the truth is that their rides are expected to.

Sure, in Australia we’re happy to settle for our GC theme parks, and Americans don’t come here for our thrill rides … but what about potential tourists in Asia? Which land’s World are they going to choose? Disney or Dream?

The population of Australia means we never reach the critical mass of visitor numbers necessary to fund such huge theme park developments. Which is why we need to do it differently. We need to build those rides to bring the numbers. If we build it, they will come.

What we need from our Tourism Minister is a focus on in-fun-structure. By all means, let’s beautify the lands surrounding our theme parks … but it’s what’s inside those gates that really counts.

As for the risk to the public purse, spending on Gold Coast tourism seems like a pretty solid investment.

In fact, China’s government is already taking the plunge.

Their Ministry of Culture has listed a planned Gold Coast theme park as a “key cultural trade and investment project” that is linked to the country’s ambitious Belt and Road investment plan.

The proposed Australian Legend World at Nerang, to be developed by Chinese theme park giant Songcheng at a cost of more than $400 million, has been listed among other government projects as a top priority for the ministry.

And you know what they say — nothing draws a crowd like a crowd.

So city, state and federal governments, my advice is to pull out your pocketbooks … and get in line.

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More images from the new "Artvo" at Robina Town Centre in todays Bulletin. 

Personally I wouldn’t pay for it, but comparing these to the images on the "Trickpic" Facebook page, it's obviously a far better experience at Artvo.

I guess I can see now what they were trying (but failed Spectacularly) to do!




Both the website and Facebook page for "TrickPic" have now disappeared. 

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12 hours ago, StingRay said:

I am going to miss that big old whack hammer.

Just visit the Easter show, there's plenty there.


I'm 100% that the whack hammer and associated hardware were cannibalised from a high striker carnival game that they once had near the entrance of Wet N Wild. I think they later moved it to the Intencity games area for a while.

Nifty little recycling by the park though. Its a shame people destroyed it so quickly.

Running High Striker at Wonderland was one of my first positions at the park - so i know the equipment pretty well.

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